We are a sustainable partnership that serves as a voice for health improvement in Hendricks County.


We will create an environment that encourages optimal health for all Hendricks County residents.


We believe that through the implementation of the following values that we will realize our vision:

INNOVATION: We acknowledge the health challenges within our community and introduce new opportunities to address those challenges.

ENGAGEMENT: We are committed to addressing the health challenges within our community and provide multiple avenues for partners to participate in the improvement of the community’s health.

EDUCATION: We refine our knowledge and skills to address the health challenges of our community and share what we learn as a means to improve our collective health practices and services.

ADVOCACY: We are champions for health in our community and use our voice to inform policymakers on how their decisions affect the health of their constituents.

MULTI-DISCIPLINE COORDINATION: We know that all entities and individuals influence health and that a broad representation of multiple sectors working in unison is needed to improve the health of the community.